By understanding your team’s willingness to recommend your organization as a place of work, can reveal their overall satisfaction with their role and the organization’s team culture.

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Rather than measuring customer loyalty through NPS (net promoter score), eNPS uses the same methodology but offers an effective scoring system that tracks employee engagement.

Employee net promoter measure the impact of culture initiatives

eNPS sheds a light on how workers feel about your organization

This score ultimately addresses if your employees would recommend your organization as a place of work

WHY eNPS makes a difference

Simple to measure

The simplicity of this metric leaves you with one number to work with. It is easy to monitor how the eNPS progresses. By using only one variable, there is no room for confusion.

Easy to introduce

The concept is easy and familiar thanks to the well known NPS score. And for those that are unfamiliar, you just want to know, if people would recommend your organization as a place to work.

Provides powerful insight

eNPS can provide a look into how your employees are feeling about their role, and the overall culture in the organization. Just a friendly reminder, this is only the beginning, working towards employee engagement is an ongoing effort.


The employee net promoter score is the difference between your happiest and least happy employees. It is necessary to identify promoters, passives, and detractors

Anyone who gives a 9 or 10 is a promoter, most likely to advocate for your company

Employees who give a score between 0-6 are known as detractors, the individuals most likely to talk negatively about their employer

Those who give a score of 7 or 8 are called passives, the neutral individuals

Build higher performing teams with cratic

Cratic is an online toolkit that builds company culture by creating open communication among teammates. The Cratic process involes two actions every week: an individual survey and a team culture huddle.

Cratic facilitates meaningful conversations between teammates to foster trust and familiarity

increase in team familiarity
increase in team trust

Calculate your eNPS now for free!

The fast start to effective culture. Start building employee loyalty, satisfaction and engagement by measuring and monitoring eNPS.

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